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He was one of those days in office. The guy who wants to go home and forget to rest as soon as possible and just. No one was home perfectly the amount of hot water for a change. I thought I crocotube would do my best and ready for a good shower always hot to wash away the cobwebs and forget it. I left my clothes on the bed, neatly folded and ready to order, then. Since no one in the house does not bother me at the door, opened the window a notch and add hot water to the maximum power. I put my hand crocotube under the stream and feel the temperature. Well, at least I have one thing in this moment, I smiled to myself. Entering and drench head and shoulders, I have decided, you feel the tension wash a little before my usual ritual. I was dreaming, and was almost lost when it happened. A slight change in temperature that blew the project told me that the door had opened. I decided to go stupid, I was in no mood to dissuade the moment. Fingers gently curledabove the collarbone and nails are just for her. I turned back under pressure and mentally thank my luck, looking into her eyes. I did, as if to speak, but she put her finger on my lips for me before he silenced me with that smile, that one is innocent or references to different in those who crocotube know him. looking into my eyes with a mild increase of the neck and put his fingers in my hair pulled my lips to hers to kiss me gently and sensually. I felt it delicious anticipation, knew enough to know he had more in mind. The sparkle in her eyes as she moved away told me he was going to be at least a good night. She ran her fingers over my back while he mouth to my ear and whispers a bow: ' I missed you lover' and kissed my neck. He caressed the ass and move crocotube my hips, whispered breath 'And I wanted to give a reminder of why you come home every night crocotube to me,' a little Giggyou, they know that makes me laugh violently, and his hands were moving my hardness slowly increasing. The steam spray and wet crocotube and tousled hair. She knew I loved the way your hair looks like that, although I've never talked about it. The way they knew was I sometimes, but part of why it works so well creepy. I did not say what she could not start, but I know very well that they will ensure that never leaves me in every way they could. 'I have hunger,' she purred, looking into my eyes as she kisses my body was going to break a small hole in my nipples and takes me completely excited. ' You know I love him,' I groaned. He paused, ' not as much as you crocotube love them,' he joked to me in the eyes slowly took my penis in her mouth. I could not help, I had to close my eyes with pleasure, but sometimes I see the assault on the senses of my too much love. You worked slowly looked at me with a look of pure love, honest eyes anddeeper and deeper into crocotube her mouth. I left before picking out my base and hard with her tongue and teeth to change the feel, while playing with my cock while gently caressing my testicles with your other hand. 'I wanted all day,' he said, again on my cock before meeting his eyes. His hand gently crocotube curled around my shaft and began a long, slow tell me that he was not talking. I realized I was at his old tricks and games loved asmuch as she loves me. increases its speed to a blur and the look of lust was almost guttural growl when angry, 'cum for me, I want you to crocotube have. ' I could feel the pressure began to build on their skills to take me to the point of no return. 'Give it to me,' he said, 'I need your sperm, sexy motherfucker. ' You know, I think talking dirty as irresistible as his spirit and body oh- so-perfect. I looked closely to see the bottom of this beautiful breasts and creamy flesh below. I could not take it anymore and explodeded -jet after jet of hot cum on her face, her eyes, she waits in the tongue and a splash or two in her hair. She looked timidly at ' what he needed was a teacher ?'. What else I can say, needs no words, gently took her hand and pulled her to give me a kiss long lasting.....

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